How much is your sanity worth?

Or for that matter, how much is your guest of honour’s happiness worth?

Planning an event may be something that you really want to do and wouldn’t give up because you know exactly how everything needs to be, to be perfect. That’s absolutely reasonable; but how are you to enjoy all the hard work you put into planning an event if you’re stressing out on the day-of, making sure appetizers are prepared and go out on time; ensuring everyone’s got a drink in hand and there are garbage and recycle bins where they’re supposed to be? Are the kids being entertained or are they destroying things? Has all the food come out yet? Are there enough chairs for everyone? Does the DJ have the right play (and DO NOT play) list? Is everyone having a good time? Am I forgetting something???

Fret not, my friends. There IS help, and it comes in the form of…..get ready for it…. an Event Planner! Yes, an Event Planner can make sure your day runs smoothly, but not necessarily plan your event.

Day-of event management is just one of the services that Carpe Diem Events offers to help eliminate the stress that inevitably falls on the party planner, especially if they’re also a guest at said party.  In a nutshell, you and I meet ahead of time to familiarize myself with all the details of your party. You tell me how you want things to run and I make it go.

When you look back at your event through your photos and videos, you don’t want your only memories to be that of you stressing out and not having fun.

I will make sure that all the food and drinks are flowing and plentiful;  I’ll make sure the DJ has the proper playlists and keeps the crowd grooving; I’ll ensure the kids are entertained and not running amuck; I’ll make sure the Photographer/Videographer is on schedule to capture every magical moment. Most of all, I’ll make sure everyone’s having a blast – even you!

With the help of an Event Planner, not only will you have a great time, but your guests will remember and talk about the perfection of your event for years to come! Way to go, you!

So sit back and relax – or get up and dance!!! Just enjoy yourself and let me worry about the little things.


When you think of Event Planners, what do you think of?

….The Jennifer Lopez movie about a quick-thinking, business-minded Wedding Planner for high priced clients who’s trying to make partner in an Wedding Planning company? Maybe you think of celebrities or very rich people who can’t be bothered to plan an event themselves and have loads of money to spare, so they call an Event Planner to make everything happen for them magically.

In reality, there are certainly high budget events that most people would have a hard time justifying financially, but more often than not, an Event Planner’s job is simply to help make your event unforgettable and remove any stress in your life as it pertains to your special day.

Even though weddings generally do justify hiring a Planner (you’re already spending so much money on your big day, a little extra to help make it perfect is worth it!), you might not think any other type of event  warrants an Event Planner. This is where you may be wrong.

You may think – “I’m not getting married, I’m just throwing a casual party for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary; it’s no big deal. I’ll just have it at my house, we’ll have maybe 50 people over and that’ll be it.”

Hmmmm. Is that really “it” though? Let’s think about the big picture here –  your parents have reached an incredible milestone that most people would consider to be extremely lucky to reach. 50 years of marriage is a huge feat and should be celebrated as such.

If you buy some frozen hors d’oeuvres, throw on a random playlist from your Spotify account and pop open a few bottles of wine, you may think this is enough, but it doesn’t leave any memorable aspects for your guests (and especially your guests of honour) to walk away with. There’s no “WOW” factor to set it apart from any other casual get together.

You clearly care enough about them and this anniversary to consider throwing a party, so it should be a party that will be remembered for years to come – for all the right reasons.

  • Venue – Even though you’re planning on inviting 50 people, your home may not be the right venue – where in your home are you planning on hosting it – kitchen/dining area? Backyard? Living room? Do you have any pets that may cause issues? Do you have excess furniture that might get in the way of people mingling? Do you have a central area where everyone will fit to be able to hear/give speeches? Are you ready for the clean up afterwards??? Having it at your home may be fine for some parties, but it doesn’t hurt to consider other venue options. There are plenty of venues available that are appropriate for this size of event. The best part? You don’t have to do any of the set up or clean up.
  • Catering – Just like the venue, you can certainly prepare food yourself, but depending on the time of day, the number of people and how involved you want to be, it makes more sense to hire a catering company to help out. Maybe you’re the next Gordon Ramsay, but you’ll have other things to worry about. Take a brake and let the professionals handle this one.
  • Decorations – Balloons and streamers are a start, but it’s basic and unimaginative. Have you thought about a theme? How about decorating the venue with photos and trinkets from the year your parents were married? What movies/actors were big that year? What major event happened that year in the world? These are some ideas that an Event Planner can help bring to fruition.
  • Music – Tying in to the decorations, you’ll want to consider music that your parents grew up listening to. You may not need to hire a DJ, but if you’re creating a playlist that you’ll play yourself, put some creativity and thought into it. If you’re not sure, we can help. There’s also the option of hiring live music. This may even be close friends of the family who may be willing to perform a few sets for free.

These are just a few basic ideas of how an Event Planner can help boost your event to the next level . We can do as much or as little as you feel necessary.   Even if you plan your event in its entirely, having a Planner there on the day of your event to ensure everything runs smoothly will take a huge load off your mind. You’re free to enjoy the party and create your own memories.

Contact us to see how we can help with your next event.